Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolution #1??

Not sure if this is a resolution but I am going to get into cakes this year... maybe. Here is my first attempt. It is actually a dry run for the one I am going to make next week. I cleared it with my employees in Topeka if they were okay with being my guinea pigs, of course they had no problem. It is a lemon cake with a layer of raspberries and lemon curd and lemon buttercream frosting. I am excited to have a bite myself! I just hope my girls in Junction City don't take offense that I am bringing my treats to someone else :)


Audra said...

That looks yummy!! Could you please send me a piece or I would settle for the whole thing :)

laura mcpherson said...

Helllll-O! That looks scrumptious! Is it possible to bake something for us in our hotel room while we're in Tulsa?!?! I love the raspberry-lemon combo :)

Are you still up for making B's birthday cupcakes? I need to get with ya on that!