Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Girls weekend

I have been a total slacker in terms of blogging these past few weeks. Totally my fault, I have not been taking a lot of pictures myself and have been relying on others to do it, shame on me!

So about 2 weeks ago 4 of my best friends and I got together in Tulsa, OK for our 30th birthdays. We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel, it was great! We were a little concerned when we first got there b/c they would not give us a roll away, we needed 5 spaces to sleep and had requested a roll away but they say it was against fire code? So after a few phone calls to the lobby from our original room, thanks Amber, we got upgraded to an amazing suite!

Here is the view from our door.
Down the elevator

The bedroom Lounging in the "living room"
The bathroom
Doing what I do best, texting or checking my email
Putting the yummy treats away in the mini fridge
Audra & Megan-no they did not plan the brown :)
Diving into the 7-layer dip
Getting ready for our photo shoot & being goofy, obviously
Before we went to dinner at Carrabbas Friday night
I found my knight in shining armour! After dinner we went back to the hotel and had birthday cake
Tulsa at night from the balcony
Saturday morning on our way to the spa
The spa. Getting ready to go to dinner Saturday night .
Laura & Amber
Laura & Megan
Me & Laura Me, Audra & Amber. And no I was not actually touching Audra's belly just looks like it :)
Audra & Laura
All of us before dinner
Waiting for a table, oh so patiently :).
At dinner, we at at Charleston's
In the elevator waiting area getting ready to leave the hotel :(
At breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. Can you tell we plan our days around food?
Deciding what to get while we wait for the table
At our last shopping spot before departing.
We did some damage, good thing we brought the big car


Audra said...

What a great post...I loved every minute of that trip. I can't wait for the next one :)

Jules said...

Looks like a great way to celebrate a birthday. Well, it looks like a great way to celebrate ANYthing! Way to go on taking pics to document the whole weekend, too!

Sara said...

That looks like an excellent weekend! Pretty hotel, spa, friends, what more could you want?