Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Continuation of the wedding weekend

I have been having internet issues so I have been getting behind on my posts. I have been wanting to post more pictures of my vacation in TN. These are from the day of the wedding. We had to go site seeing, there were lots of places to choose from but we chose Rock City. So glad we did. Got some exercise in and saw some amazing scenery.

There was much to do there...
Where do we begin??
Right... Like there was any question. A good day starts with a cup of coffee, a REALLY good day starts with Starbucks :) There is a good reason why they call it ROCK city

They had Christmas decorations up. Watch out Erin! Lots of tight squeezes in between the rocks tooSara and Connie posing in front of Mushroom rock More Christmas decor... Silly people, Candy Canes don't grow out of the ground!They are such posers!This was Erin's least favorite part of the trail, the rope swing. I loved it!So beautiful!Awesome waterfallAt this point you can look out and see 7 states on a clear day!A picture of Connie getting her picture taken on the states that can be seenChristmas card pose with Sara & JillConnie & Jeff, no they are not a couple :)Another Christmas card - Erin, Jeff & Connie
Turtle Rock Fat Man Squeeze
Fat Man Squeeze!Sara and me Connie, me & Sara in front of the waterfall
Erin is so strong... Holding up that rock all by 1 finger!
This was a fun picture with the soldiers

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laura mcpherson said...

That place just looks so adorable!! I will have to put it on the list of places to visit :) I already told you, but that Starbucks is the cutest one EVER!!!

Hope you're having a safe drive to work today!! Be careful...see you tomorrow!! YAY!