Friday, December 4, 2009

Love it!

About a year ago everyone was reading the Twilight books. I thought they were all crazy, it is a book for teenagers... Well then I gave it a whirl and was HOOKED! If you have not read them they only question I have is, WHY NOT?? I could not believe how much I enjoyed them. So obviously I was excited for the movies, disclaimer: they are corny and not the best acting but good b/c you can put faces with names and plainly you get sucked in! I am not one who would go stand in line overnight to see it but there are fanatics that do, I think they are crazy! I enjoy sleep and warmth more. This is a funny video about the fans. Check it out!

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laura mcpherson said...

You are too funny! I have to admit that I haven't joined the craze, but I won't dis it...who knows, I might read one some day. Oh wait, that would require extra hours in my day. Not gonna happen :)