Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 1 of Tangee & Jason's wedding

I have been traveling a lot in the past week. Lucky me, I have my normal day off in the week to catch up on all that I have been putting off :) First I wanted to share pictures of my extended weekend trip to Chattanooga, TN for my friends', Tangee & Jason, wedding.

It was a jam packed filled weekend and so good to catch up with friends that I have not see since May. I left Thursday after work and met up with Erin & Jeff. We drove (or rather, Jeff drove) to St. Louis that night and left around 9:30 Friday morning for TN.

When we arrived in Chattanooga we quickly got ready for diner. We were invited to the rehearsal dinner at Easy Bistro. It was amazing. I am still thinking about that trigger fish & pot roast!
The decor was so cool! Loved the painted trees and the moldings were amazing.

Erin & me with the bride & groom, Tangee & Jason.
Me, Tangee (the beautiful bride) and Erin
Sara & Connie
Here is a picture of my new do, I decided to go dark and get rid of the blonde for a little bit. What do you think?
Erin & me Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor :)
More pictures to come. Warning... We complied all of them and had over 500 from the weekend. We got smart for the actual wedding and only used 1 camera.

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