Monday, June 28, 2010

Hearts and Prayers

I graduated Optometry school with about 120 students, which sounds like a lot, but after being with the SAME people for 4 years, you learn to know a great deal about each other and have formed very close bonds that will last for a lifetime. So when something happens to one of us, everyone knows and everyone tries to help out.

During our 4th year at SCO my classmate Jared learned that his 3 year old daughter Emma was suffering from a childhood tumor called neuroblastma.

Here are some articles about Emma.

5th birthday party

St. Jude patient of the month

Today I found out that Emma lost her battle with this cancer. I can not even fathom losing a child. My hearts and prayers are with Jared and his family. I hope they know that their angel Emma is in heaven watching over them. If you would please take time out of your busy day to say a prayer for them as well, pray that they get through this rough time and can find comfort in Our Lord.

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Amanda said...

Heartbreaking... I'm definitely praying for Emma's family.