Monday, September 27, 2010

Good for a Wildcat Touchdown!!

Has anyone else been having problems posting pictures on their blog? I had difficulties about 2 weeks ago and then kind of put it on the back burner... Oops. So this past weekend was anything but dull. It was another game weekend and a crazy one at that! My parents came up Friday night, but stayed out way past my bedtime so I didn't get to see them until Saturday morning, the day after my mom's actual birthday.

It was an early game day. We were up at 7:00 and enjoying mimosas and finishing up tailgate treats. Here is my mom and 2 of her sisters, Brenda & Viola. This was Brenda's first KSU football game. I think she enjoyed it after the little storm passed...

Justin & Erin, she is a fellow EyeDoc with me.

me & Abigail. Owen & me. He isn't exactly a wildcat fan... But was a good sport the whole day. :)Here is what caused the little hour delay of game. A shelf cloud?? It seemed to come out of no where and produced some good rain and rotations but no true tornadoes.
This is where we took shelter from the storm... :)

Jon & Amber
Kane & Audra
Amber, Audra & me. Not sure why I am so uncomfortably close to Audra...
It was an exciting day and a W for the Wildcats.

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Charlene said...

WOW those two pictures of the sky are amazing!