Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fill the Bill!

This weekend marked one of my very favorite days of the year, the start of COLLEGE FOOTBALL!! And what a great day it was. Weather was perfect.

Here is my and Audra at her tailgate
Me and my baby brother (he loves it when I refer to him as that) Jeff

We certainly FILLED THE BILL! It was a sell out! Such an awesome sight
Amber, Audra & me at halftime
Coach Snyder giving out some advice :)


Charlene said...

College football started here in Louisville with the Governor's Cup, the annual grudge match of UofL and UK. UK won and to be even more emphatic, a UK fan managed to carve that fact into 42 student cars on the way back home to Lexington. Now ya'all got to admit that is just not a nice thing to do when you win the game.

I predict a never ceasing investigation until that criminal is found!

laura mcpherson said...

Looks like fun :)