Sunday, March 28, 2010


If anyone knows me, they know that my blood runs purple through and through. I love my Alma Mater, Kansas State University. It is somewhat of a family tradition. My dad graduated from KSU, my big brother, me, my little sister is a Sophomore/Junior, and my little brother plans on attending as well. I feel very lucky that I was able to move back to the town that I went to college at and participate in watching my KSU Wildcats.

This year the Wildcats had an amazing basketball season. They made it to the Elite 8 but lost in that round. I was sad when we lost but then again, WE MADE IT TO THE ELITE 8!!! What an accomplishment. One of the greatest things about KSU are the fans. We are loyal, win or lose. Here is a video of our basketball boys coming home from Salt Lake last night. Is it sad it brought me to tears?



laura mcpherson said...

That was GREAT!! Brought me to tears too. How awesome that THE same day our Cats lost in the Elite 8, that many people showed up at the airport to welcome them home like that!! You'd think they'd just won the whole thing! It's WILDCAT PRIDE!

Josh Heptig said...

That made me tear up as well! I miss Manhattan. What kind of welcome do you think those suckers down the road got when they came home after so many of their fans accused K-Staters of being bandwagon fans? Thanks for sharing the video. Love you!