Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mardi Gras in the Little Apple

This past weekend the Krewe of Allegawaho put on an amazing Mardi Gras party at The Wareham. I had a blast getting dressed up and partying the night away. Here are some pictures.

The scene.
Aaron and me without our masks
We were just getting ready to eat. He could not eat with his mask on but I tried my best at keeping mine on. It was a bit of a challenge b/c it decreased my field of view but I did my best and kept it on ;)
Some of the girls from the Krewe doing a little dance to kick things off. They were amazing! My friend Dina is the gorgeous one in red.
Me & Ellen

Ellen, Mark (a mutual friend and attorney in town) and me
More pictures to come of the photo booth!

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