Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011!

About 5:30 on December 31, 2010 I made a decision on what to do for my NYE 2011... Typically I am a very pre-planned type of person but not this day. Maybe this is just the beginning of a new leaf for 2011, flying by the seat of my pants?? Anywho... I sent out a few invitations, via text, and had great responses! So I quickly came up with a menu and headed to the grocery store, along with everyone else in Manhattan apparently.

Here is the table of food, all ready for guests ;) Ellen completed the look with a beautiful bouquet of flowers!
The wine table...
Kimmie & Ellen
Me, Kimmie & Ellen
Kimmie & Nick, they really do love each other, promise :)
Roomies ;)
Ellen, Kimmie, Sally & me
New friends & Abigail & Nate
It was their anniversary
Doctor & Doctor :)
Taking the picture themselves, can you tell? The first pic was priceless, tops of their heads
Alesana & Martha
Me & Aaron
Sally & Casey
Nearing the end of the night. Pretty sure Ellen had gone to bed at this point...
The boys
This is what was left the next morning. I was disappointed that no kitchen fairy came thru during the night and cleaned up my kitchen. Oh well. It was a great party and I can't wait to host the next one.

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