Monday, October 11, 2010


Last week was a whirlwind week. I worked Monday, Tuesday, then had my normal Wednesday off (that I spent in KC) then I worked half a day in North Topeka, raced home for the game and had Friday off, and worked Saturday. Are you exhausted b/c I am just thinking about it! But I had a great week, minus the little L that K-State took on Thursday. BTW, NOT a fan of Thursday games. And hellllloooo, completely missed the memo that Nebraska was ranked 7th in the poles. I would have prepared myself a bit differently with this information.

There were LOTS of friends in town for the game. Here are some pictures, thanks to my friend Amber. I think I have more at home and will post when I get to it.

Amber & Audra, and notice me in the background, probably eating :)
Me, Amber & Audra


laura mcpherson said... did have a whirlwind week! Hope this week is a little more normal for you :) You girls all look beautiful! Can't wait for my chance to tailgate with you!

Christie's Endless Craze said...

We can't wait either!! My friend Erin wants me to do candy corn cupcakes... Get ready!!