Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The HOLE....

Ever since moving into my house I have been wishing & hoping to tear down or put a hole/pass thru/window in the wall between my kitchen & living room. Apparently tearing the wall down completely would be too complicated, so hole/pass thru/window it is! Well this weekend was the weekend... No game and nice weather. So my parents came up on Saturday and left about 24 hours later, wham bam thank you ma'am :)

Here is the wall before
We covered my furniture with a tarp larger than life. I may be able to use it later to fumigate my house... Seriously, so big!

Dad, aka Master Contractor, seeing exactly what he is getting himself into. I started to get nervous when the hammer started to swing, so my mom and I decided to go shopping for a bit, we were told to be gone for about an hour.
This is what we cam home to...
Along with this... a whole lot of dust. This is the outline of my camera on my dining room table that we forgot to cover.
More progress. Taped & mudded up
Trim going up.
And the last piece. And my mom is sweeping my floor for like the 10th time
I love being able to cook & watch TV :)
Toasting to a job well done!
Thanks for the awesome new addition to my house Mom & Dad! You two are the best! Love you!


Carpenter's said...

That looks fantastic!! What a great way to open up your space too. Oh and we are STILL sweeping up dust and we have been here for a year :)

stephkins said...

Looks AWESOME. Way to go Heptig's. How wonderful to have such loving help.

laura mcpherson said...

YAY!! That looks awesome! Way to go Joe and Carolyn!! Parents are the best :) What would we do without them?!? Can't wait to come check it out in person, but from here it looks amazing!! Great work!