Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sour end to an amazing weekend

As you have been reading this week, last weekend was amazing. Simply amazing. Beautiful weather, sweet music & great friends... But during my drive home, something made it not so great... See the picture below.
I was traveling West on the Turnpike, just about 30 feet from paying my ticket and the old guy in the lane to my right decide to switch lanes without looking. Here are the good things. We were not going fast, and no one was hurt. But man, I don't have time for things like this. His green mini SUV scraped my car from the back passenger door the end of my car. Awesome. I called the highway patrol & they sited the old man for inattentive driving. I think the thing that erks me the most is he never asked if I was ok or apologized for anything. After we got out of our cars I asked if he was ok and he reply was "Yes, I have to call my brother and let him know I will be late." I was thinking, yeah you do that b/c I am calling the police. So I am in the process of getting it all fixed up. My insurance agent is great, another thing that I found out during all of this. Love those silver linings!

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Charlene said...

Boy, that's sad. I don't think the man was a mean person. He was just all befuddled and perhaps long ago and far far away he just wasn't raised right!

Glad you are ok.