Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family Filled Weekend

This weekend my family came up to visit. This time it was not to really visit me, but my grandma who has been in the hospital for about 2 months. She fell and broke her pelvis and has yet to recover. They moved her from the rehab hospital in Topeka to one here in Manhattan. Her a few of her sisters lives here and other family members so hopefully she will be able to have more frequent visitors. She is VERY weak and tired. Please say a prayer that she gets her strength back soon.

As an added bonus for my parents visiting they brought me a few more pieces of furniture for my house. And to top it off they helped me rehang pictures & move furniture.

Here is the living room set up now. Wednesday I will be getting a new love seat so it will need to be rearranged again. The wall behind the sofa is blank b/c I am hoping to get a hole cut out in it soon to make it more open between the living room & kitchen.
Feels so much more cozy

My Uncle Tim & Aunt Deb came into town from South Dakota & my Uncle Kelly from across town came over for dinner last night. I think the brothers had a ball catching up. And well everyone enjoyed grilled pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, my famous green beans & cooked carrots. For dessert we have fruit pizza. I have a feeling my Uncle Kelly will be over more now :)

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