Thursday, April 8, 2010

My night last night...

Last night about 12:45 the fire alarm in my bedroom, of course, malfunctioned. It started to chirp every minute. I stumbled downstairs to get a chair to stand on to reset it. Seemed to work but for only about 10 minutes. I did it again and gave the reset button a good hard push... But again only worked for 10 minutes. So many thoughts went through my head. One of them was I wonder if I could go to my neighbors and sleep in her spare bed... But what did I end up doing... Calling my mom :) She sounded super awake for that hour and had some awesome advice, call the fire department. So I did, not 911 but the normal dispatch number, easy to find thanks to my iPhone :) The girl who answered was great and said she would sent someone right out to take a look at it.

About 15 minutes later 4 firemen were at my door... Must have been a slow night b/c I am sure that it doesn't take 4 of them to do that. They replaced the battery & gave me instructions on how to disarm it if it happened again. I was so relieved and exhausted so I hopped back into bed and was nearly sleeping when about 20 minutes later... BEEEEEP! You have got to be kidding ME! I got out of bed again (btw, my legs are all the while sore from 1/4-1/2 mile of lunges from the day before) I got up on my chair and ripped that thing from the power source and took out the back up battery that they had replaced, laid it on my dresser and gave it an evil eye, and got back into bed and about 10 minutes later... BEEEP! Seriously... Someone up there hates me. I called the nice girl back at the fire station again and she told me to just put it in my garage and go to bed (there was another alarm just outside my bedroom door so she felt pretty solid about this advice). We were both laughing hysterically. I think I was delirious. I got back into be and it probably took a good hour and a half to fall sleep. Awesome. But silver lining... I had 4 firemen in my room last night :)

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laura mcpherson said...

HOLY COW!!! I probably shouldn't be laughing at this...but I am! Sorry :) BUT, hel-lo FOUR firemen in your bedroom!!

Hope things are a little quieter at your place tonight!