Friday, August 28, 2009

Hello... Are those for me?!

I am very happy to see this week come to an end, I have had better weeks that is for sure. Thursday was pretty much my low point... But tonight is one of the high points. I was upstairs on facebook when the door bell rang, it was strange b/c it was sort of late, but not really, so I went to open the door and a man holding this beautiful flower arrangement was standing there! (side note -- What a great job, is anyone ever sad when someone is standing at their door with flowers?)
Someone pretty special in my life sent them. I can not tell you how big the smile on my face was when I saw them. I am truly blessed and it really put things into perspective, it just isn't that bad when I have such great people in my life, no matter what. I hope everyone has a great weekend, mine is off to a good start.


Ashley's Musical Montage said...

I love the flowers. It was so nice of him to send them to you. You are truly a special person, and don't forget that. Have a good weekend. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see you, maybe go to church together.

laura mcpherson said...

Soooo pretty!
LUCKY girl :) Hope you have a great weekend. Love ya!

Tangee said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! And their purple. Perfect! Glad you are feeling better.

Luke Family said...

Those are GORGEOUS!!