Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Facebookers beware...

I was minding my own business today, preparing for my Kansas State Optometry boards when an instant message popped up on facebook from a friend's sister. Here is how it went down.

Erin: hi how are you?

Me: good! how are you?

Erin: not too good

Me: why? what's wrong?

Erin: i am in a mess right now and need your urgent help

Me: lay it on me

Erin: I am stranded in London with Lynn & the kids (Lynn is her huz)

Me: What?! You are lying

Erin: i am dead serious. We got mugged at gun point last night. cash, credit cards & cell phones got stolen

Me: i am calling Meg right now (this is Erin's sister and my friend). Are you guys okay?

Erin: it was a brutal experience but we are ok and we still have our passports

Me: hmmm... what do you want me to do

(By this point I was on the phone with Megan and had told her the situation and she said Erin was at home in Kansas, she then called her to verify)

Erin: i need you to wire some $$ to us right now and i'll pay you back tomorrow we need to pay off the hotel bills and also get a cab to take us to the airport

(Megan called me back and let me know that Erin was at home and NOT messaging me so I knew it was a scam, so I asked a question that I knew the hacker would not know off the top of his head)

Me: what is your brother in laws name again? I forget

(No reply for a few minutes... So I left them a little message of my own)

Me: who ever this is you are insane! I know this is not Erin and I AM NOT WIRING YOU MONEY, you idiot! What makes you think it is right to steal from others? Didn't your momma raise you right? Get off this fb account and grow up!

(They immediately got off line, go figure)

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