Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First visitors

The last weekend in June I had my first visitors at my place, Audra, Kane & Lydia. I had only been moved in for a week so I wasn't completely settled in but enough to make my guests comfortable, I hope.

The first night Lydia had fun exploring my place and she found the perfect little seat on my steps.
That same night we went to dinner with Jeff, Angie & Segen - they are mutual friends. The two girls had fun together after they warmed up to each other.

The next day we hit the mall. Word to the wise, save the carousel for just before you leave the mall in case of a meltdown :)Lydia had fun throwing pennies into the fountainAnd then we went to the park Lydia loves to swing!And down the slideWe even found more water to play inAnd of course Lydia had to stop and smell the flowers

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