Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wedding in Pittsburg

A few weeks ago I traveled to Pittsburg KS for my friend Erin's wedding. I was looking forward to this for weeks, even months b/c I would be seeing some OD friends and of course I knew it would be a blast.

My friend Ellen made the trek with me. As soon as we got into town we ate at a Mexican place. It was good but not as good as El Magueys, Rio Loco or La Fiesta :)
Jill (lives in CO now) & me

Sara (lives in CO) and Connie (lives in IL)
And the bride joined us after rehearsal :)
Then we headed to a bar... It was a Friday night and it was empty. Clearly Pitt State students don't know how to party :)
Love these girls!I did Erin's makeup the day of the wedding. This is her and her sister Stacy
Erin and her brother Chris
Saying their vowels. The church was amazing!
Mr. and Mrs. Mills!
There was a few hours to kill btw the wedding and reception (that was at our hotel, awesome!) so we decided to celebrate Erin & Jeff's marriage with some champagne. We ran out of cups so Sara had to make do :)
The doctors in their dresses :)
Tangee getting giggly :) (she is in AL now)
Jason, Tangee & Connie - best of friends :)
Sara, me & Ellen
Jeff & Erin walking in for the first time! Her dress was so beautiful.
Me & the bride. She is glowing... literally!
Tangee & Erin
Sara & Me... I think we are both in food comas after going thru the line... twice. :)
They did the dollar dance and I did not have a dollar... so I wrote a check :)
Cutting the cake... which I remember now I did not get any of b/c I was too busy busting out some amazing moves on the dance floor
Congrats Erin & Jeff on a beautiful wedding. Best wishes in the many years to come. I can not wait to enjoy more of your life celebrations as a husband and wife :) Love you guys!!

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Erin said...

I love you so much! Thanks for everything that I have put you through, complained, stressed, and freaked out about. You are awesome.