Sunday, May 2, 2010

My retreat

Slowly I am making my house into a home. I just got cable this weekend, which has made me happier than I thought. One thing I found out before I got cable was how ridiculously quite my house is, too quiet at times. I am really enjoying it and have lots more work to do, mainly in the yard. Here are pictures of my room. I love the wall color & of course the PURPLE in it :)

All the closets - not as full as I thought it would be ;)
Ah... my bed. I love it.

Notice the lounge chair right outside my room, it is an extension of my bedroom.
And my bath. I really love the colors in it.

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Laura said...

Hello....AMAZING! Great job with the colors, layout and decor! You don't need me :) The view out your bedroom to the deck and back trees is so serene! Will you want to get out of bed ever?!?! I'm sure that lounge chair on the deck will get a lot of use too!

Now I REALLY can't wait for our visit!! Great job!