Monday, May 31, 2010

A much needed long weekend

The phrase "it's who you know, not what you know" is one of my favorites of life. It has been something that has been true for much of my life. This weekend is no different. As many ups and downs as I had in optometry school, one of the MANY ups is the friends I made. Since there are so few optometry schools in the U.S. there are students from lots of different states in one school. Some of the friends I made in school I will cherish forever and I hope we can stay in touch for the rest of our lives. This weekend reminded me just how lucky I am to have these such friends. I got to spend Friday-Monday on the lake in Beaver, AR. If you have never experienced a lake in AR, you MUST check them out. They are the next best thing to an ocean :) I also took my friend Ellen with me. She fit in perfect and I hope made some new friends.

Here is Ellen, Kendra & me
The Baureis family. Joe is giving Master Luke instructions how how to ski

Is this not the cutest thing of life? He did so good!
Tammy, Megan & Leslie
Julianne & Kate
Close up!
Joe chillin' on the Beaver
Megan & Leslie
Devils in the blue suits :)
Julianne & Megan
Captain Joe
Derrick getting ready to try out his trick ski's
He's up!
Megan getting ready to wakeboard
She makes it look so effortless
Pretty girls :)
Derrick & his hair after his afternoon/evening nap
Joe & Dan
Cruise ship shot

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Amber said...

Looks like you had a great time.