Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Proof in the picture?

About 7 weeks ago I started using the "new" prescription medication for hypotrichosis (thinning eyelashes). I know, I know, I have plenty of eyelashes but a girl can never have too many :) The "new" Rx is Latisse, it isn't actually new it is a glaucoma medication that has been out for a few years that has a side effect of longer lashes but only put on the lash line it doesn't really decrease the eye pressure.

So what do you think? This picture is when I first began using it. It is a little fuzzy but I am wearing the same eyeshadow & mascara as in the picture below.
This is about week 7. They say that it could take 12-16 weeks to see full results. I don't think my lashes are getting longer but I sure do think they are thicker and fuller.
If you want longer, fuller lashes let me know and I will schedule you an appointment and we can get you set up :)


Jules said...

So stinking cool! I would love to give some Rx as Xmas gifts ; ) Lookin' good Dr. H

laura mcpherson said...

They look great :) I can definitely tell a difference in the pictures. I would say to set me up, but if my lashes got any longer they would catch on my glasses!!

Anonymous said...

Can you see while we're having our reunion Dr. Heptig? I can tell a difference. I was going to comment you in Cali that you're eyelashes seemed super thick. Now I know why!


Sara Johnson said...

Pretty! Any pigment changes to your lids? Do you have to be really careful putting it on?