Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ashley's new gig

Tuesdays are my day off and this past Tuesday I spent a few hours of it at the old stadium at K-State, Memorial Stadium, watching my sister's band practice. Sad to say it was the first time I had actually been in the stadium but I hope it was not my last!
Here are some pictures of the old stadium, I love the architecture.

The 2009 Kansas State Marching Band! And the Alumni Center
Ashley is just to the right of the tallest guy on the platform, she is wearing the black hat
There she is again playing her clarinet :)
They sounded awesome and really pumped me up for the start of K-State football!!


Laura said...

LOVE that you took some pictures! It's so exciting to see them practicing!! I'm sure you're very proud of your little sis :)

I hope to make a game this season so I can see her in action. I'm looking forward to seeing the band at Arkalalah!

Sara Johnson said...

Aw that looks so fun! Is your sister pretty good? I played clarinet too, but never marched! Wow!