Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thanks a million times over!

A huge THANK YOU to Tami & Carl for opening their home to me over the past 4 months. I can't believe how fast it went. I had the most amazing time and will never forget the generosity you have shown me. Luckily I have to go back to school b/c if I didn't it would have been even harder to get me out of there :) I can not thank you enough, seriously!

The day before I left we had a block party, just like a normal weekend on 2nd Street. It was a going away party for me and a birthday party for Zim. I fell in love with the Hermosa Beach community & with the 2nd street neighbors. They are some of the most genuine & loving people you will meet! I miss you all very much already & can't wait to see you next.

Me & Tami drinking some yummy wine

Me, my dad Joe & Tami

Tiffany, Lindsay & Dave (aka Frasier)

Me, birthday boy Zim & Tiffany

Me & Sophia

2nd Street girls - me, Emma, Kate, Kelly, Tam & Suzie


Echovolution said...

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Laura said...

What a sweet post...they were so great to let you live with them all summer :)I'm so glad you had family out there to take care of you!

LOVE that tank top by the way!!
See you soon for drinky, drinky!!

Tami Ellett said...

Thank you for the sweet post... that's what being family is all about! We're here for you whenever you need us... just finish up that school stuff and move out here for good.