Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birthday Cake #1

Well that time of year is here again... Birthday time for a special guy in my life. Last year I was trying to win him over with my culinary abilities, so I decided to make his 2 favorite cakes, Angel & Kahlua. When I asked him this year what kind of cake he wanted, he replied with both as his answer. He said... I made them both last year and it was my fault to have started the trend. I think I have created a birthday monster, but then again I love to bake and love to try and make birthdays special. 

I dropped the Angel Food cake off to his work. I made your standard Angel Food cake & drizzled an orange glaze over it. So simple, zest 1 orange and juice it. Mix in powdered sugar until it is the consistency you desire and slowly drizzle it on top. You could also add some dark chocolate shavings to the top. 

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