Sunday, February 21, 2010

A real scare

Where as the time gone? About 3 weeks ago I came down with a really bad cold and allergy infection. So I have not been up to blogging. When I have had free time I have been sleeping. I am happy to say I am finally feeling much better, still have an annoying cough every once in a while but doing MUCH better.

Last weekend my parents were up visiting and we looked at homes for me. Yeap, that is right, I am in the market to purchase my first home! I feel like a real grown up now. We didn't find anything that really made me jump for joy, and I definitely found out what I didn't want.

My Realtor, Julia Erickson (p.s. I love her!), sent me updated listings after I expanded my top dollar price. I saw some great ones on it and did not want to miss out on seeing one, so we planned on looking at some of them after work on Saturday. I looked at 3 amazing homes (in my eyes) yesterday and of course am not going to make a offer until my dad has a look at them. He is a builder and is good at assessing the foundation and basically the stuff that isn't shiny and pretty. So I called my parents that afternoon day and basically begged them to come up and take a look at them again on Sunday with me. They got in the car and were on their way, even though we were being threatened with bad weather.

About an hour and a half after they left I got a call from my dad's cell. It is never good when he calls b/c my mom always does the calling, I answered and he says... "Christie, this is your dad," which makes me laugh b/c if it weren't him it would be odd. "We just totaled our car." My jaw had dropped and the guilt was beginning to set in. He proceeded to tell me they were fine and unharmed but the car was toast. I guess the road they were on was really just fine but they started to go over a bridge and started to go sideways and hit the left guardrail and then was slammed into the right one (they had been going about 65 mph) and then went down the side of the road and that is where they sat. I was so happy to hear they were fine and was ready to get in my car to go get them, which my dad gave a stern "NO" to the idea. He knows I would have had a wreck too. By the grace of Lord above a solider from Fort Riley stopped to see if he could help and make sure they were okay. They found out that he was on his way home to WINFIELD, my hometown, and offered to give them a ride home. Can you believe that? God was working overtime for sure. I was so relieved when I knew they were home safe.

Here is a picture of their car. My mom said it happened so fast, which is so true. And I am happy they did not flip or roll. I am sure if they didn't have their seat belts on someone would have gone through the front windshield. I am so grateful that they are fine. It could have been so much worse.

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Carpenter's said...

Oh my gosh so glad your parents are safe!!