Friday, April 17, 2009

Mighty Mississippi

Today concluded, I hope, my last set of tests for the National Board of Examiners for Optometry (NBEO). It has been a long day, but want to blog about it before bed. Besides taking a test I got to eat at the 20/20 diner, the cafe inside my school, Kathy (the chef) has the best buffalo chicken salad ever!

After that I went to a bridal shower for my friend Karen downtown at Sauces, they have amazing mojitos!

Here is a picture of Megan, Karen (bride to be) and Lauren
I had some extra time after the shower and got to hang out on Mud Island for about an hour watching the people and talking with Tangee. It was such a pretty day, first day in weeks I have been able to truly enjoy it. That is the might Mississippi River behind me.
After that a bunch of us went to Rio Loco for dinner, is it bad that they know us and always put us in a separate room? Oh well. It was oh so good.
I really enjoyed my victory margarita with Lauren & Ashwynn
This is one of the funniest pictures of Andy and his Monster margarita, puts all the others to shame don't you think?
And then the final picture of the night of me and Tangee, we are so stuffed but you could never tell could you.

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