Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring "blizzard"

The weatherman has been predicting a 'blizzard' all week... Guess he was almost right, not quiet the blizzard but it sure is cold and I am stuck inside! We have layers of ice, snow, ice, snow and it is still icing! The ironic part of it all is I was hoping to go on a cruise this weekend to Mexico but couldn't really find anyone to go with :( I should have gone by myself I guess. Oh well, guess I have nothing to do but study for boards that are next weekend.

Looking across the street to the driving range

My old house is the one on the left, yes I can see it from my back patio
Look at those trees!

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Laura said...

WOWIE....I can't believe I missed all of this!! BUT, I was happy shopping in Texas in my flip flops :)

Thanks for sharing the pictures!